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Who Is Clinic Travel Turkey?

Clinic Travel Turkey is a full-service health tourism company that arranges world-class medical services by facilitating the organization of health treatments in Turkey.

Offering the organisation of a broad range of dental treatments, cosmetic treatments and eye treatments, Clinic Travel Turkey arranges all the necessary services related to a medical journey such as an initial consultation, scheduling procedures, treatment, accommodation and transportation arrangements, patient representative assignments during stay and coordination of minor/major aftercare treatments, if needed, to help its patients have a problem-free medical journey and problem-free aftercare support.

We connect our patients with highly qualified doctors all of whom have deep knowledge and extensive experience by having treated thousands of patients in their field and, therefore, who will offer the most suitable and personalized treatment plan for each patient’s specific needs.  

We arrange your accommodation in well-known and prestigious hotels in Izmir, all of which are with amazing views of the city, the sea or the bay and are within walking distance to shopping districts and also within a very short distance to tourist attractions. Accommodation arrangements are also personalized to suit every patient’s specific needs i.e. providing halal-compliant, children and/or pet-friendly hotels for families with such special requests.

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  • Your airport transfers and all local transfers (between your hotel and hospital/clinic) are also arranged by Clinic Travel Turkey.
  • Plus, you will be accompanied by an assigned personal patient representative during your stay for easier communication.

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Our Mission

To facilitate medical tourism that meets the highest global standards at an affordable cost for our clients providing them with maximum satisfaction and convenience.

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Our Vission

To be the most preferred health tourism company by individuals in the UK, Europe and the world at large.

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