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Having approximately 500.000 foreign patients every year coming from all over the world, Turkey has become one of the most visited health tourism destinations. As Clinic Travel Turkey, we offer our services in Turkey for this and the following reasons:

  • Turkey has a high number of internationally accredited healthcare facilities offering world-class standards and using cutting-edge technologies in every treatment branch,
  • Turkey has highly qualified and experienced doctors and well-educated hospital support staff,
  • Turkey has no waiting lists for treatments,
  • Turkey has an affordable private healthcare system offering high-quality services with significant cost savings compared to the UK and Europe prices,
  • Turkey has a great geographical position with its historical, cultural and natural attractions that allow combining a medical journey with an exceptional holiday.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Doctors

As Clinic Travel Turkey, we are working with highly qualified and experienced doctors in the fields of dental treatments, cosmetic treatments and eye treatments. Having a deep knowledge and at least 15 years of extensive experience of having treated thousands of patients in their field, all of our partner doctors closely follow the newest techniques and technological developments and use cutting-edge technologies.

Internationally Accredited Hospitals and the Ministry of Health Approved Partner Clinics

We partner with JCI-accredited hospitals and the Ministry of Health-approved partner clinics to make sure that you are provided with the maximum care and comfort.

Prioritised Patient Satisfaction

Working with a patient satisfaction priority principle, we give our best efforts to exceed your expectations. We assist you from our first contact until even after you return home.

Affordable Prices

We are using Turkey’s competitive advantage in healthcare tourism as an opportunity to offer you affordable but high-quality treatment prices with significant cost savings compared to the UK and Europe prices.

Multiple Payment Options

You can pay for your treatment in cash, via bank transfer or by monthly instalments thanks to our solution partner Ideal4Finance.

Finance Available

Thanks to our solution partner Ideal4Finance, finance is also available for all of our services. CLICK HERE to apply for your finance!

No Extra Hidden Costs

You will be given a detailed list showing what is included in our price offer for your treatment.

Free Consultation with Your Doctors

After our first contact, we ask for some details, photos and previous tests if required from your side and transfer them to our doctors for a detailed assessment. You have also the opportunity to ask all questions you have related to your treatment.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Our dental, cosmetic and eye team prepare the best-personalized and most affordable treatment plan for you by evaluating your details, photos, previous tests and personal expectations

Personalized Accommodation

We arrange your accommodation in well-known and prestigious hotels in Izmir, all of which are with amazing views of the city and the sea and within walking distance to shopping districts and also within a very short distance to tourist attractions. Accommodation arrangements are personalised to suit your specific needs i.e. providing halal-compliant, children and/or pet-friendly hotels to ensure that you have your procedure with ease of mind.

Personalized Transfers

We arrange your airport and all the other inner-city transfers (between your hotel and hospital/clinic) based on your travel schedule.

Personalized Patient Representative

A personal patient representative, who is fluent in English, is assigned to you during your stay here. On your treatment and check-up day/s, you are picked up from your hotel by your patient representative and taken to our partner clinic/hospital. After your treatment/s, you are taken to your hotel by your patient representative as well.

Reliable and Transparent Services

Patient-centred care requires openness in communication, pricing and procedures. By offering you our detailed inclusive packages without any hidden costs and working in accordance with NHS Treatment Abroad Checklist, we aim to make sure that all of our services are reliable and transparent to you.

Online Aftercare Support

We are always within your reach even after your treatment is completed. In the improbable event of a minor or a major problem related to your treatment, you can always contact us and we can get you in contact with your doctor.